• water is so boring. how to make water more interesting? you can add goji berries!

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What are black goji berries?

Black Goji berries are a prized superfood high in antioxidants and vitamins. Black Goji berries are a traditional Chinese medicinal herb and superfood. They are hand picked and dried in Northwestern China without preservatives or chemicals. They have been used for over 2,000 years and are known for calming and anti-aging effects. The berries have naturally high levels of antioxidants which provide immune support, and may help prevent diseases caused by oxidative stress on the body. 

Sustainably Sourced

Don't Stir!

Amazing product! I grew up in China and my mom always add some Gogi berries into my water bottle when I was a kid. It was really hard to find high quality Goji berries in the US. I was very delight to find that Lila brings this healthy and nutritious product to the US. I normally add the berries into hot water or my morning tea. The berries bring an amazing purple color to the water and makes it pretty and healthy. I tried the sampler and could not wait to order more.


The color is just lovely and the berries go well with sparkling water or with hot water as tea. I love that I can drink my water that not only has nice flavor but also a high level of antioxidants! Can't wait to try using the berries in my recipes!


I enjoyed mixing the goji berries with any kind of loose-leaf tea I had on hand, but found that they work best with jasmine tea. Apart from using them to enhance different tea flavors, I also got to experiment with them by using them as food coloring!! Mix the berries with a couple tablespoonfuls of water to get a shade anywhere from light blue to dark purple, then add a couple drops to your yogurt / pancake batter / cupcake frosting to see the results :)


I am addicted to the hard-to-pin-down yet endlessly refreshing taste of goji berries in my water. I pour in way too many then keep refilling my bottle over and over. I cant stop drinking goji water. Dear Lila, what should I do? Please send help.